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HT Cafe

The entertainment & lifestyle supplement, every day.

The Hindustan Times Pune reader wakes up to a bundle of fun, frolic, entertainment and masala everyday called HT Cafe. One of the strongest drivers of readership, the daily entertainment supplement enjoys almost universal salience and readership.

The buzzy daily supplement with the Hindustan Times Pune Edition has redefined lifestyle and entertainment space in newspapers, packing a punch with daily dose of Bollywood, Hollywood, Fashion, Relationship, City and Campus happenings


An exclusive lifestyle magazine, every Sunday

The readers of Hindustan Times Pune Edition wake up to Brunch every Sunday morning, which is one of best-loved offerings from its stable.

In a magazine format and clearly about the good life, it covers stories around food, fashion, shopping, travel, health & wellness, books & movie reviews, celebrity talk, lifestyle etc. One of the biggest draws of Brunch is the bouquet of columns by prominent journalists like Vir Sanghvi (food & travel), Sanjoy Narayan (music) and Rajiv Makhni (technology).

This universally appealing brand has the core target group vested in upwardly mobile young families, looking for enhancing their lifestyle quotient.

Hindustan Times Pune - Brunch
Hindustan Times Pune - HT Estates

HT Estates

Real Estate supplement, every Saturday

HT Estates as a supplement partners and corroborates the readers with information that helps them buy or sell their properties. This supplement comes with the Hindustan Times edition every Saturday.

The supplement offers countless options on property buying and selling in and around the city of Pune. Along with that the supplement also enlightens both the buyers and sellers on legal aspects of realty transactions. Specifically for buyers the supplement offers array of information on realty trends, loan rates, etc

HT Education

Education Supplement, every Wednesday

HT Education offers the much needed guidance and mentorship to the students, which really helps them in choosing the best in education leading to a great career.

HT Education is a supplement dedicated to serving the needs of not only student community from 10th to post graduates, but also the parents who are concerned about their child’s future. The supplement is a source of comprehensive info around career options, admission and scholarship information, college profiles, guidance and expert counseling. It’s a one-stop guide to the students to prepare for their most exciting phase in life

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